Product development

Ferrita helps you create your ideas using: 3D laser scanning, CAD & Photoshop

We can also produce prototypes on request.

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3D laser scanning

A laser scanning in 3D is the perfect way to create an exact copy of something you lack data for, for example, a branch pipe or a spare part. With our laser scanning, you get access to unmatched measurement results in 3D. The result of a laser scan in 3D is a so-called point cloud. The cloud consists of up to millions of points that can be integrated with a CAD system to create 3D models with precise geometries as well as navigable 3D images that you can review from all angles.



CAD is an abbreviation for computer aided design.

We can help you, regardless of scanned drawings, older 2D files or high-tech 3D scans, we can create visual models of your / your products. In sheet preparation, CAD can provide a huge advantage. You also have the opportunity to define and improve the details and features of the product, which is a significant advantage as regards the ability to improve and refine your idea.

Ferrite helps you to create CAD drawings as well as update existing sketches.



Photoshop is an image editing software used by millions of photographers, designers, graphics and hobby users.

Photoshop creates and edits mainly raster graphics and can handle many different image formats. One of Photoshop's biggest advantages is stock. Ferrita helps you refine your images in the form of retushering, release, create sharpness and add the correct color to the image.