Rund Ø 70mm (snedkapad) ansl. = id Ø63,5mm

Ändrör Rostfritt Ferrita design

Article number: ZZ 71 X
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Stainless Tailpipe Ferrita Design

Slanting cut


Connection: Inside Diameter: 63,5 mm

Length: 180mm

Width: 70mm

Height: 70mm



Connect the tailpipe with the existing insex screw



Spacers for another dimension:


DIS508 = For pipes with outside diameter: 2” (50,8 mm) fits pipes up to 2½” (63,5 mm) inside diameter, length: 48mm


DIS540 = For pipes with outside diameter: 2 1/8” (54 mm) fits pipes up to Ø 2½” (63,5 mm) inside diameter, length: 48mm