Sportkatalysator för förgasarmotorer Classic


Article number: KAT 104R1C
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Sport Catalyst For Carburator Engines Classic
For petrol engines. Maximum 200hk
Round: Ø 104 mm
Length: 250 mm
Material: Stainless steel metal substrate
Connection: Di Ø 55mm
Note: Including 2pcs of universal connect pipes in aluminized material Do Ø 55/50,8/48mm
The short female should be mounted closest to the engine for best effect.

The catalytic converter should be installed within 1000mm of the engine for best performance.

The catalytic converter's cleaning function already begins at +280 degrees Celsius and significantly reduces the odor of unburnt fuel.

Reduces HC (hydrocarbon) and Nox (nitrogen oxide) for a better environment.