Company Presentation

Ferrita manufactures stainless steel exhaust systems for all types of vehicles and specialized products for process industries. We are ambitious for the future and with our customers, suppliers and others, we want to bring real added value for everyone involved. Our involvement in motorsports represents an important part of this added value. The business idea is, in brief, that through the development and manufacture of stainless steel exhaust systems provide the automotive aftermarket industry with sound, power and environmentally friendly alternatives in the exhaust area. Our business and products will be long-term improved through conscious efforts to streamline processes and staff skills, focusing on quality and environment. For the customer, of course, we always provide products with the best quality products at a competitive price. Ferrita aims to be market leader in Scandinavia in stainless steel exhaust systems for cars, heavy vehicles and construction machinery. With a documented quality and environmental ISO standard, Ferrita´s quest to customers, staff and environmental awareness is to permeate our business environment, customer trust and qualitative level. Ferrita will never compromise on quality, do not forget the people behind and the need for experience for all senses.



Facts About Ferrita

1959 Ferrita AB was founded

1991 Micael Ljungström acquires Ferrita AB and changes it's name to Ferrita Sweden AB

1994 Micael acquires the shares in Godarb AB

1998 - 2003 Micael buys shares in Becur AB (Former name Sinus som est. 1974)

2001 Ferrita Sweden AB was got an award in "Årets Miljömaskin" 2001 from Sveriges Byggindustrier, the newspaper Byggindustrin, Storstädernas miljökonsult Jörn Engström, Road Administration and Byggmaskin föreningen. 

2003 the group Godarb AB is formed, with Ferrita Sweden AB:s aktier och Becur AB:s aktier

2003 bildas Ferrita Norge AS och Ferrita Sweden as partner

2004 Godarb AB acquired the finnish company Metpela OY with 53 emplyees

2008 Metpela OY was sold

2010 Becur AB in Bureå was sold

2016 made a big investment in many years in solars that covers a surface of 1532m². We are proud to say that we produce our own energy up to 65% of the energy we need. We have switched fossil heating to energy efficient air heating.

2017 Investments in the factory was made with solar which covers a surface of 1532m² and gives 65% of annual consumption.


We Work At Ferrita Sweden AB


Production Manager

Production & Develop,
purchase, prod. plan

Marketing Manager


Production Planning

Mechanical Fitter

Special Manufacturing,
Product Development

Freight, web and Printing

Mechanical Fitter

Kenneth "Keno"
Exhaust Designer

Mechanical Fitter

Mechanical Fitter

Exhaust Designer

Seller and
Muffler Designer

Incoming Freight and
Inventory Management

Mechanical Fitter

Financial Position

Financial Position