Frequently asked questions about exhaust systems

1. Can my exhaust system get cracks in the material?
No, it can´t if you buy a stainless steel exhaust system. Although this can happen to non-stainless steel exhaust systems, aluminized or carbon steel.

2. Why does my muffler rust more than the rest of my car?
Because you have an aluminized muffler/silencer which is not galvanized. Inside of it condensation is formed when the temperature shifts between warm and cold, which gets the rust to grow both inside and out. The exhaust also contains corrosive gases which attacks metal.

3. I have leaks in my exhaust system. What does this do to my car?
With a leaking manifold, exhaust system, muffler or silencer your engine will have less power and milage. The exhaust system needs to be completely sealed to operate satisfactory. This is best done with a stainless steel exhaust system which does not corrode. It can also be life threatening if exhaust gases finds its way into the car, it contains carbon monoxide which can kill.

4. Can I get better performance with a sports exhaust system?
Yes, with an exhaust system made specially for your car with the correct back pressure you will gain horse power and torque. Completed with a high flow catalyst you will gain even more. Make sure to invest in a stainless steel sports exhaust system and you will never again need to buy another one.

5. Can I change the exhaust system myself?
Yes, it is a quite simple operation which demands no more than standard tools and a bit of handiness. Our stainless steel exhaust systems all comes with instructions on how to do it yourself.

6. Can I stop my aluminized exhaust system from rusting?
In the long term – no. Attempts with wax, high temperature resisting color and keeping it clean will all end up in the same result. The only way to maintain a completely rust free exhaust system is to invest in a stainless steel one, which will last the car´s whole life span.

7. Is everything on the Ferrita exhaust system stainless?
The pipes, the muffler and the mountings are all stainless steel. The clamps which are used to hang the exhaust system from the car are stainless steel as an option.



Why invest in a stainless steel exhaust system?

Ferrita Sweden is a company with more than 50 years in the business, producing high quality stainless steel exhaust systems for both cars, buses, recreational vehicles, ships, boats, industrial equipment and much more. If someone knows about stainless steel exhausts – it´s us!

But why should you invest in your car? For us it´s pretty simple. It´s a combination of keeping the value of your car, making sure it passes all car inspections and fulfilling the environmental rules and regulations. There are even more benefits – keep reading and we will explain it all to you! Many cars needs a new exhaust system after just a couple of year´s in use. It has to do with the quality of the product, and how the car is being used. Unfortunately we see a lot of brand new cars with a less than impressing quality in this area.


Survives the rest of your car

Short trips are never good for a standard exhaust system, as salty winter roads and moisty weather. Changing to a stainless steel exhaust system will be the last time you need to think about this issue. In only a couple of years this investment has payed itself back, and you can be sure it will survive the rest of your car. And when, or if you decide to sell your car it will be something the next owner will value highly.

Same as 1975

We have had customers coming in just to show us that their old classic cars are still rolling with the same setup as in the 70´s or 80´s. As Charles Ljung with his Volvo PV 544 1968 who got tired of changing his exhaust system every other year. He took his car to Ferrita sometimes in the middle of the 70´s. - This has to be something of the best I have ever done for my car, it has saved me thousands of Swedish kronor´s during the years, he says to us. He still has the same exhaust system as then, and he will never again have to change it.

Improved weight means a lot

There are even more advantages with a stainless steel exhaust system from Ferrita compared to a cheap carbonized one. One of them is the weight. In most cases our stainless steel exhaust systems weighs less than a carbon steel one, which in fact gives you less fuel consumption and eases the burden on the environment. Weight is also an issue when it comes to performance. Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus Cars, has a lot to say about this. One of his bewinged quotes; “- Adding power makes you faster on the straights, subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere.” With all this in mind, changing to a stainless steel exhaust system should be every car owners goal if caring about the life span of the car, environment, mileage and performance.