Ferrita has catalysts for various types of machinery and vehicles. Stainless steel shell with metallic core makes a catalyst with long sustainability in impact-resistant material. The web shop has the deliverable product range. If you do not find what you want there contact Ferrita by calling +46 (0)221-18070.

Particular Filters

With the installation of particulate filters, we reduce emissions by 40 to 60 percent. It is suited for cars, light trucks and small buses with diesel engines. In short - it improves your work environment and the air outside. Constructed as an open free flowing filter, seeing that the exhaust gas pressure aren´t too high. It is designed to capture and burn the particles in the exhaust. The cover and the substrate is 100 percent stainless steel. The internal substrate is coated with high-value metals. High resistance to high temperatures and vibrations. During acceleration and highway driving the soot regenerates itself by means of NO2 (nitric oxide) in an efficient cleaning process. Contact our sales department by calling +46 (0)221-180 70, if you have questions about diesel particular filters for your vehicle.

Environmental Exhaust Systems For Buses And Trucks

The requirements are getting tougher for heavy-duty diesel vehicles in environmental zones. For vehicles that do not qualify, there are retrofit equipment that meets the conditions. Ferrita has extensive experience in exhaust systems and helps you with the equipment that meets the new requirements. With new equipment the vehicles total life span is extended, and the value of the vehicle is increased, combined with that it gives a great advantage in competitive procurements.